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Going to Hawaii in April means my winter skin needed a little jump start to get golden brown. I was a pretty into fake-baking in college, but I've since seen the light and have vowed never to enter a tanning bed again.

I needed to find a new way to be beautifully golden.

I'd had spray tans in the past...via the machine where you need to get your timing right or else you really do end up like Ross from friends. No joke. Since this tan was for my wedding, I didn't want to risk it. I decided to skip the automation get my sunless glow at Bronzed Denver and am so glad I did. 

Aloha Beaches! 

I'll share my top 3 beach essentials and then tell you all about my beautiful sunless tan from Bronzed Denver

Beach Essentials

Not going to lie, in the weeks leading up to my Hawaii Wedding / Honeymoon, I went a little overboard buying beach accessories. I was just too excited and there were too many cute things. You can see my full honeymoon packing list HERE, but let's hit the highlights and talk about my top 3 essentials for a day on the beach

#1  Eat, Beach, Sleep Hat - FOREVER 21

You need a good wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your face, and at under $15 this one was my top pick. "Eat Beach Sleep" is basically my life motto, if you maybe add in a little part about snacks as well. I love the stitching on this hat and that there's a pop of color to keep it fun. 


#2  Havana Slim Cat Eye Sunglasses - URBAN OUTFITTERS

I'm in LOVE with these sunglasses. They make a stylish statement without being too much. They've got a sleek metal frame and are the perfect size. The light pink color is great and the half frame cat eye keeps them looking feminine and fresh. Plus the flash lenses are perfect for catching some sweet reflections of palm trees.


#3  Travel Kit - COOLA SUNCARE

Coola is my absolute favorite brand of sunscreen. It's primarily organic and contains antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients to care for the skin beyond just keeping it safe from harmful rays. 

This kit has all the suncare must haves. There's a travel size pina colada sunscreen spray that smells amazing and is water resistant, a cucumber face sunscreen-moisturizer, some Liplux treatment that is water resistant to keep lips protected from the sun, plus some ultra soothing after-sun lotion to repair and nourish skin. Oh, and a cute little travel clutch to keep it all together. 


Bronzed Denver

The appointment started with me running super late because my fiance (now husband) had been trapped in a parking garage where the door wouldn't open, but that's another story. I ran in a little frazzled, but Jaclyn assured me we would have enough time to give me a beautiful sunless glow. She made me feel so comfortable and the whole process took only about 10 minutes. 

My tan went on so fast and looked so beautiful and even.

I instantly felt like I lost about 5lbs, and I also didn't have to sit around waiting for it to dry. The custom solution was perfect and left me looking perfectly golden brown and not orange.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the solution was derived from natural plant sources and is organic. Jaclyn was super helpful when it came to giving me tips for caring for my tan and things to do to help it last longer. I also snagged a tan extender lotion once we were done, and it's fantastic. It smells wonderful and is full of great ingredients. 

On the way out, it was raining, but luckily Jaclyn had ponchos available so that my new tan wouldn't get spotted. The tan gradually darkened and then I washed off the cosmetic layer about 18 hours later to see my final developed tan underneath. 

I loved the results so much that I'm planning to keep up with getting spray tans whenever I need a little sunless glow. Luckily, Bronzed Denver has really great packages and seasonal specials like parties, happy hours, and seasonal packages so I can stay tan year round without harmful rays or breaking the bank. 




What are your essentials to get beach ready? 

Leave a comment below or use #NSBstyle

XO, Cara Newhart - Never Skip Brunch Blog - Denver Blogger & Style influencer

P.S. My tan was gifted by Bronzed Denver + the shoppable links in this post are affiliate links. 


Beach Hat | Spray tan | sunless glow | Beach outfit | High waist swimsuit | swimsuit trends | Halter bikini
Beach Hat | Spray tan | sunless glow | Beach outfit | High waist swimsuit | swimsuit trends | Halter bikini
Beach Hat | Spray tan | sunless glow | Beach outfit | High waist swimsuit | swimsuit trends | Halter bikini

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