Lazy Girl Skincare Tips + Lumapro-C Review

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I'm great at being lazy, it's like one of my best skills. To be honest, I've been a slacker for a while when it comes to a skincare routine. I guess I thought I'd step up my game later when my skin needed it or I saw signs of aging.

I know, I know, prevention is the best medicine, but the lazy girl in me didn't see the point. We're talking only washing my face every other day during my shower, rarely using moisturizer, and not even owning any type of serum or eye cream. Yeah...not good.

Well a couple months ago, I decided it was time to step up my game and get intentional about taking care of my skin. I did a lot of reading, tried a lot of products, and put together a weekly routine. Let me tell you in just 4 weeks I was pretty pumped to see what a difference it made, and how little effort it actually takes.

I'll be sharing my weekly skincare routine in the next post, but for now here are some tips if you are a lazy girl or just can't make the time for a multi-step routine.

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SKINCARE TIPS: The Essentials

If you literally do nothing else, do these two things:


If you're going to be a lazy butt and not use a soap and water approach to cleansing every day, use pre-soaked products. Use makeup remover wipes then use a facial cleansing pad with a chemical exfoliant like glycolic or salicylic acid


This is really the only non-negotiable thing about a lazy skincare routine. Pick a moisturizer or serum that includes sunscreen so you get a double benefit with just one application. 

The Other Stuff


Can't get yourself to be diligent about applying moisturizer? Pick a face cleanser with hydrators like oatmeal, shea, glycerin as one of the main ingredients. Not as good as moisturizer, but at least your skin isn't squeaky clean and dry. Choosing a creamy face wash that also includes exfoliating beads packs an extra punch.

4. MASKS: 

You might avoid these at all costs because you feel like you don't need them or they are just an extra step you don't have time for. Let me tell you, they can do wonders for your complexion. Try to work in a sheet mask into your routine at least once every two weeks, it can refresh your skin and leave it looking healthier. Sheet masks are great because they are not as messy as the smear on and wash-off variety plus they take like 2 seconds to apply.


If you can't bring yourself to use a serum every day in addition to cleansing and moisturizing (just so many steps, amiright?), pick a serum that targets your one main skin "issue": from hydration to wrinkles, and apply it every other day or a few times a week. It's not
going to be as good as doing it every day, but you'll still get some good benefits.
Lazy Skincare Tips | Simple Skincare Routine | Brighten Skin | Skincare Hacks | Vitamin C for Face | Beauty Blog | Never Skip Brunch
So let's talk about this serum I've recently incorporated into my routine. I got it as a gift from HydroPeptide, and decided to give it a try because I mean, the bottle is pretty and it's packed with vitamin C. If you're lost as to where you should even start when selecting a serum, here are some details so that you can decide if this one is for you.



This serum is intended to combat hyperpigmentation and brighten skin. While I can't speak to its effectiveness in reducing spots or discoloration, it really is amazing at leaving skin bright and refreshed. Like I noticed a brighter complexion after just a week of everyday use.

As I mentioned, it includes Vitamin C, which is an essential element in collagen helps neutralizes free radicals and prevents them from stealing essential proteins from strands of collagen. Or to put it simply, it's an essential for not only preventing signs of aging, but also reversing them.

More good stuff:

  • Not greasy & absorbs quickly
  • Smells amazing
  • Layers well under moisturizer
  • The bottle is super pretty 



  • I can't really say how it does as far as correcting pigmentation on skin that is hyperpigmented. I just don't know, because while I have some other complexion concerns, pigmentation isn't one of them...yet. 
  • I wish there was more in the is powerful stuff and a little goes a long way, but I tend to use too much and run out too quickly. This is probably just me, right?




If you want to give this serum a try, you can use code BBLUMA20 to receive 20% off your LumaPro-C purchase here.



Do you have any lazy girl tips for skincare?
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P.S. This is a sponsored post: the Lumapro-C serum was gifted by HydroPeptide.



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