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Keep the Love Coming // Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub DIY
1024 625 Brighter BOLD by Cara Newhart

Keep the love coming after Valentine's Day with a little DIY spa. If you tuned into my 4 steps to self-love post, you know that while good self care isn't…

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Mini Valentine’s Day Bouquets
1024 701 Brighter BOLD by Cara Newhart

 Sending Flowers & Love Did you know? The language of flowers is called "Floriography" and that's where what locked in the rose as the flower of romance and love (more…

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DIY FACE SCRUB | Orange Scrub | Almond Oil | Spa DIY | DIY Scrub | Gentle Face Scrub | DIY face wash | DIY Spa Products
Sweet Almond & Orange DIY Face Scrub
1000 711 Brighter BOLD by Cara Newhart

This scrub is the perfect choice for exfoliating. It smells amazing, and since it's an all natural DIY, you know its free of harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and all that…

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