openly flawsome

Flaw·some: /flôsəm/ adj. something that is awesome because of its flaws

4 Essential Steps to Self-Love
Brighter BOLD by Cara Newhart

What does it mean to love yourself? Self-love is often used as a buzzword. We always hear quotes like "You can't truly love someone else unless you love yourself first."…

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Get Real with Yourself: 20Q for Self-Honesty
989 494 Brighter BOLD by Cara Newhart

What is self-honesty? Self-honesty is getting real with yourself. Getting straight with that little voice in your head that pipes up when you're doing things you want to do that…

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Girls Night In // A Rooftop, Wine + Blogger Besties
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Girls Night In Every once in a while you need a relaxing girls night in with some wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, and some good laughs. My favorite thing about a girl's…

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